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There is no one hotter than a young David Byrne and there is no one hotter than an old David Byrne


Friendly Fires - Skeleton Boy
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Skeleton Boy - Friendly Fires
Your love is out
But even despite it all
Give me your hand
Let’s face this night
And see it through


The best headline I’ve ever seen


The best headline I’ve ever seen

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Lie To Me

Here’s to David Byrne proving once again that funkiness can flourish where no funkiness should exist. Let’s also toast to how Byrne has managed to maintain  total coolness throughout the course of decades, without a single gaffe or mishap.


Musician paintings finally finished!

soon posters and postcards will be available to buy, as well as the originals!

Talking Heads - Girlfriend Is Better
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Talking Heads - Girlfriend is Better

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Is there a time in David's life when you think he was too skinny?


What is ur favrite performance from Stop Making Sense? (I guess this is a hard question)

I really like Swamp and This Must Be the Place and Girlfriend is Better and Big Business/I Zimbra I’m probably forgetting a really good one ahh

Does it piss you off when people say THE Talking Heads instead of just Talking Heads? It pisses me off. Chris Frantz is always saying it. STOP.

if it’s someone I’m talking w/ I don’t really notice it it only bother me if they capitalize the t in ‘the’ as if the article is part of the band name

like: the Talking Heads v The Talking Heads

The full version of Blank Generation used to be on YouTube. Probably still is

oh okay cool I’ll have to check it

Have you seen the Blank Generation directed by Ivan Kral? It's silent, black n white footage of bands performing at CBGB (with songs dubbed over out of sync) and it's really early, mid 1975 or something. The footage of Talking Heads is so good. It's a bit random, close up camera angles and shots, etc, but very cool. David is so young and sexy on it. I could pinch his cute lil cheeks

I haven’t seen it but I’ve heard of it

kid a is the best radiohead album